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3 ideas for using mirrors at your wedding

The trend in weddings in recent times is undoubtedly the mirror!
Mirrors are a symbol of elegance and luxury par excellence. Adding this element will make your event or wedding unique, make the reception room look bigger and brighter than it actually is.

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate mirror elements:

1 The Tableau de Mariage

A beautiful idea is undoubtedly to welcome one’s guests with an elegant and refined tableau de Mariage. A large mirror, with an important frame, better with gold or silver decoration and finished with a mixed flower vine. Here we recommend placing it on one side of the mirror, or dstra and left, until it goes down along the edge of the mirror, which ends at the ground. We complete this elegnate tableu with scented candles and petals.
In this case the mirror was not handwritten, but with classic tags that do not obscure the reflection but broaden the result. To make this effect, the choice of a large mirror is recommended; the effect otherwise will be the opposite.
This choice of simple paper tags is an alternative for those who perhaps do not want to spend further on a writer who specializes in this, so definitely a nice savings and the result is undoubtedly more than elegant!


2. The number of the table

We then easily qAttached the Tableau with the number or name of the table using a pretty mirror frame. Here we can write directly on the mirror simply with a white marker. Choose a simple, clear and readable font. It is very difficult to read on a mirrored surface, so a font without graces and in block letters is better.

place marker frame mirror- wedding

3. Reception table

A unique and truly original choice is the choice of mis-en-place. In fact, we can inseize the mirror instead of the classic tablecloth. Instead of tavoglia??? Yes you read correctly… In fact, one idea to surprise guests is undoubtedly to place a mirror under the plates, which of course should always be in theme. In the following photos you can see that the choice of plates is of a clear, processed glass. A table that becomes a real jewel!
Here the table centerpiece should be imposing, using for example candelabras, again in glass or gold/silver, depending on your theme, or you can still opt for a bowl. Either way, an explosion of flowers and foliage in the center of the table (if the table is round) or if you have opted for an imperial table then all the way down the middle. The effect will be that the reflection of the flowers in the mirror will make the floral arrangement look even bigger! Magical isn’t it!


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