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Olive branch themed wedding

Since ancient times, olive branches have always been a symbol of peace, hope, union and love.

We find traces of their presence in Christian culture, in fact we remember the welcome of the inhabitants of Jerusalem who greeted Jesus with palms and olive branches; in Greek culture it is connected to the myth of Athena, patroness of the city of Athens, and it was customary to weave olive branches to crown the winners of the Olympics.

There are many stories about this plant and its meaning, but one in common among all the tales is precisely the love that is always present.

That is why olive tree branches have been increasingly used in recent years to decorate wedding and event arrangements to wish for union and hope.

For weddings where the style is related to naturalness, simplicity we talk about greenery or the so-called Greenery, we immediately think of olive branches.

Let’s look at some great ideas.

Bridal bouquet

Let’s start with the bridal bouquet: natural-looking, simple, emotional with central white roses or peonies, as in the photo, and olive branches used as the shade of the entire bouquet.

To hold the bouquet all together, we thought of a simple rope ribbon to evoke naturalness.



Tableau de mariage

A beautiful tableau de mariage surrounded by these typical Mediterranean foliage.

In this photo it is enhanced with white roses and other green fronds such as eucalyptus.

Definitely an original way to welcome guests.


The ceremony is undoubtedly one of the most significant moments of the day; between promises and wedding vows, a magical and unique atmosphere is instantly created that will remain in the minds of the bride and groom and their guests.

From the altar, if in church, or from the master of ceremonies table, with a civil ceremony, everything will explode with green!

A pretty idea is undoubtedly the chairs with the inscription “Bride” and “Grom” surrounded by woven olive wreaths.




Here we go! We have arrived at the time where all the guests relax and look forward to the buffet or dinner!

We therefore welcome our guests to the best of our ability…yes but how?

Here is a fantastic imperial table with a runner of olive branches along the center part, embellished with hydrangeas and lisianthus.

We juxtaposed the gold of the mise en place, in the cutlery and plates with the rustic detail of the table! Great! Two opposite styles coming together to create a unique and unmemorable union.

To discover many more ideas check out our photo gallery, and feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quote.

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