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How to make an original Tableau de Mariage

First, let’s start with the question: what is Tableau de Mariage?

First, let’s start with the question: what is Tableau de Mariage?

It is a large poster board, on which the names of the guests are written.
Usually placed on an easel, positioned at the entrance of the room where the reception will take place, so that guests can orient themselves to their assigned place.

Each guest will be assigned a table, usually with no more than 10 people, which will have a corresponding number or name.

In fact, this is where the search for the most imaginative and original names begins:
from the theme of “Aromatic Plants” e.g. to “Basil,” “Sage,” Rosemary,” etc. to the theme of “Travel,” so names of places already visited e.g. “Barcelona,” “Paris,” “Maldives,” perhaps even accompanied by photos. Princess fairy tales are a classic, such as “Cinderella” , but also the theme of “Music” , with the titles of favorite songs.

If we want something more refined, however, we can opt for a frame with gold details, for a romantic style a simple wooden frame with handwritten names, or for a country theme many small wooden boxes with sunflowers and photographs of the couple.

The choice of the theme for the Tableau de Mariage should be established early on, from the beginning of the preparations, so that the guidelines to be kept on the whole floral arrangement and not just the entire wedding are defined.
There are plenty of ideas in addition to the ones we have listed: we can be inspired by the style of the venue, or get help from a calligrapher or a typographer to have original printed name tags or simply create special place cards, for example with small and pretty pinecones, perfect if the wedding is held in winter, or use corks, or champagne glasses or small succulent seedlings. The latter very examples in fact are perfect as placeholders for imperial tables.
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