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Early or Late? How long before you plan your wedding

This is the first question brides ask themselves in order to plan their day flawlessly.

In order to plan the wedding day in every detail without getting anxious and take things slowly, it is recommended to leave at least 12 months before the wedding date.

But the question is …where to start?

Certainly the choice of location is among the first basic steps from where to start.
Depending on the season in which you want to celebrate your wedding, it is essential to do things in time, the risk is not to find availability in the month or on the desired date.
Be careful, along with the location you will also have to choose the church or town hall where the ceremony will be held. Combining the two choices is critical to avoid setting the date at the location of one’s dreams only to find out that the church or town hall on that day has no availability.

location-setting-wedding (9)

Then what?

Having chosen the date and location, chosen the ceremony site now it is time to look for vendors.
If the location does not have its own restaurant or caterer inside, it is time then to choose one. The choice of caterer is essential to the success of the event.
To start, ask for advice directly from the venue, which is sure to list a few, or think about weddings you have attended, how you have been and what you have eaten, and you will see that the choice will be easier than expected.

food wedding

The dress

At this point it is undoubtedly time to choose the dress.
The advice is to browse through magazines, websites and go to at least 3 different ateliers and try on no more than 3 dresses in each, otherwise you will get confused!
Let yourself be advised, but without overdoing it! The last word is always the bride’s.
As for Lui’s suit, however, you can wait up to even 6 months before the event. Usually the men’s collection starts with the beginning of the new year, around January/February.
Guidi you males may as well take your time!

The next step is to choose the florist and photographer

The protagosti of the wedding, after of course the bride and groom, are the flowers themselves.
It is the florist’s own job to take care of the details of the wedding and to study in time the flower arrangements to be made. Also because the florist usually can’t take more than 2 weddings a day! So hurry up to get FioriFiori.
Contact the photographer and the musicians, so as to make sure the best one, but mostly because both of them cannot do more than 1 wedding a day.
Of course, we don’t have the gift of ‘obiguity yet and they can’t be in 2 different places at the same time. In fact, many prospective wedding couples often underestimate this problem so that they end up grabbing some novice Photographer or DJ while the best ones have already been booked.

It then continues with the rest of the vendors to contact for the other elements that will be added on the big day: wedding invitations, menus, children’s entertainers, wedding favors, honeymoon, wedding rings, fireworks, balloons, and you name it!

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