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Flowers for a Fall wedding: here are our suggestions

Why choose autumn as the season to get married?

It is undoubtedly the most nostalgic season but also the most romantic: the colors with warm tones, the golden yellow, the leaves that turn from bright green to orange and red.

All around us nature changes, the long hot summer days are just a memory, now mild temperatures and fresh air make their way in.

We show you some shots of our compositions at our events.

White hydrangeas juxtaposed with golden yellow dahlias, all surrounded by eucalyptus and ferns in the bouquet. The atmosphere is candid, the gentle light illuminates these compositions.

White hydrangeas have always been beloved in weddings. Alone or juxtaposed with other flowers they always enhance the whole composition.


Wedding on the Hill July 20, 2018-photo-giuseppe-giovannelli-1

You can opt for an even warmer composition by using deep red dahlias.

Dahlia, in fact looks very large, produces intensely fragrant and brightly colored flowers. It is perfect for a fall wedding because it is available from July through October. In the photos you can see it in yellow or burgundy, both of which brighten up the composition in which they are placed.

In this case we combine it with the classic rose, which is timeless and available all year round.

In fact, we can match pink rose, yellow rose, white rose, everything is allowed!

Green can be an access green, such as the green of ferns, or a more romantic green such as eucalyptus.

We can juxtapose these arrangements with objects that recall the fall season: scented candles inside lanterns, rustic wine boxes, or enter the world of fruits, such as apples, pumpkins or pomegranates.

Our team is ready to fulfill your every wish, you can also take a look at how to make a Boho Chic wedding or how to make it with simply Olive Branches.

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