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Boho Chic Wedding

If your dream is a Boho Chic wedding then you should follow our guide to have a wedding that perfectly respects this theme.

The NO list:

  • Forget floral arrangements in bright colors, such as red, fuchsia or blue.
  • No exaggerated flower arrangements.
  • No princess dresses.
  • Forget round tables and chairs covered with fabric drapes.

The YES list:

  • Use neutral and pure colors, such as pink, white, and sage green.
  • Light floral arrangements scattered in the aisle during the ceremony and on the tables
  • Simple dress, yes to lace, yes to slippery fabrics
  • A beautiful YES to head wreaths or small bouquets for bridesmaids

Let’s start with the ceremony

Everything should be decorated with soft-colored flowers, roses, lunaria or wildflowers, add some greenery such as fragrant eucalyptus. Perfect are the pampas, which recreate that natural effect, in fact these flowers that look like feathers in the wind almost sum up a hetero meaning and a connection between the earth and the sky…I would say perfect for a bohemian wedding!

The Bride’s trousseau

The bride’s dress will be simple: a slip dress with lace or vintage elements.

Accessories will be essential, a wreath of flowers in the hair and a small bouquet in the hands, which should always adhere to the rule of less is more, so even a few simple roses tied with a satin ribbon will surely be perfect.

The bridesmaids dressed strictly in soft colors on shades of pink and beige accompanied by a soft bouquet or a simple floral bracelet.

Of course, the groom should also be in the spirit of simplicity-no shiny or too flashy jackets, yes instead to a tie or bow tie. Classical buttonholing in theme with the rest of the floral arrangement is allowed.

The Reception

Boh Chic weddings are usually held outdoors, in the open field, in a large space.

Perfect are the rustic villas that recreate that magical and romantic Bohemian-style atmosphere.

We have already talked about the tables, which should be strictly imperial, joined to each other by a eucalyptus runner from which sprout small floral arrangements in glass or antiqued gold vases. The one thing that should not be missing are candles, tall, low, stem, in any shape and color, as long as they make the atmosphere magical and dreamy.

Everything has to be simple and well-kept… An idea that is undoubtedly nice is to make the tableau de mariage completely by hand, sheets of recycled paper with names in cursive, finished with cotton, linen or silk ribbons. The tablau should coordinate with the table marker, place card and menu. Little touches that will make the mise en place extraordinarily magical.

So give room for your imagination while respecting these little tricks.

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