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Lots of ideas for your flower crown

A new fashion that has been exploding in recent years is undoubtedly theflower crown, which draws inspiration from Ukrainian tradition but has become amust-havefor weddings in the U.S. and popular worldwide. With large or small flowers, pastel colors or simply white roses,flower crowns are perfect for both brides and bridesmaids of all ages.

With a romantic and at the same time somewhat hippy style, the explosion of flowers in the hair is well suited to any type of hairstyle: straight, wavy, short or long the important thing is to create a common thread with the rest of the floral arrangement. We then try to choose the same flowers and colors to create a harmonious continuity throughout the wedding.

We dance in the sun, wearing wildflowers in our hair

(Susan Polis Shutz)

For a natural and light look, the wreath or garland of flowers is perfect for outdoor, country or nature weddings , perhaps with delicate pink peonies, white roses and touches of eucalyptus. At the same time, it is perfectly suited to more modern, rock-style weddings with black-hearted white anemones and scarlet red dahlias. Another option would also be to choose jeweled wreaths, with pearls and rhinestones, but whatever the style the wreath is perfect for those who want to feel like a princess for a day.

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